Weight Reduction / Rebalance

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Is this option for you?

You feel that your bat is a bit heavy or unbalanced.  

What you can expect:

Your batt will be stripped back and all cracking will be repaired, then we remove excess  wood from the back of your bat to your requirements. The bat is then sanded, buffed and oiled followed by the application of new stickers, grip and facing if requested. 

Please comment on what weight and other changes you would like and we will endeavour to get as close to those as possible.

General info on repairs:

Bats can be sent via post or you can arrange to drop it to the workshop by sending a text message to 0478 672 481

If you are sending your bat via post please ensure that you include your contact and return address details and please don't send your bat cover as it may not be returned. 

Please allow 1-2 weeks for repair

If you plan on dropping your bat off please ensure you have made contact prior to arrival - via text message 0478 672 481